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What we do

RDinfo is a research funding database. We compile grants, charities and institutional data to make it easy for you to access the money you need. RDinfo brings both sides of the research world together.

Currently we have online:

203 grants

that total



1714 charities from 36 countries

Currently we have registered:

347 institutions from 28 countries


17475 users from 213 countries

RDinfo is committed to open, ethical and transparent
access of research funding information across the research community.

How it works

If you are looking for funding RDinfo allows you to efficiently search our huge database to find:

Find out if your organisation has signed up to RDINFO.

Search for a specific charities.

Search for a specific grants.

If you are a Charity or Institution you can submit your own grants into the database to ensure it goes to the right place.

Submit your grants to thousands of researchers absolutely free!

Why we are different


We do not believe in charging funders to share research information. We also want to charge less for researchers to access funding. RDinfo is a different business model; one that does not charge for both information collection and sharing.


We want to make the funding intelligence process more collaborative and collegiate. Timeliness and relevance of information is key, and in the busy world of academia facilitating collaboration offers a whole new world of opportunity.


RDinfo filters funding information in a way that is meaningful to you. The advanced search feature allows for very specific results that matter. Results can then be emailed as a printable pdf, making your job as easy as possible.

The points system & membership levels

Searching on the site requires points. We provide a free Bronze membership with 1000 search points each month. Silver, Gold and Diamond packages offer more points to find the grant right for you. Signing up gives you a free 5000 point bonus.

Find out if your organisation has signed up for a higher level subscription to give you extended access to grants.


2000 points


2000 points


4000 points